Frequently Asked Questions


  • What is this game about?
    Playward is a free online match-3 puzzle game. Meet an opponent in real time and test your skills to win real Bitcoin.

Game details and Troubleshooting

  • How to play?
    In this game you have to compete with an online opponent for real Bitcoin reward. Each fight match you will have several rounds with a few turns to play. Try to do your best to score points over your opponent to win the match and get a real crypto reward. Notice please, turns have a limited time.
  • What is an extra move?
    Each time the player collects 4+ puzzle items he will get an extra move added to his turn.
  • What is "satoshi balance"?
    Each win a player gets some satoshi (the smallest fraction of Bitcoin) to his balance according to his fight bet. Defeating means a bet loss.
  • How much can i win?
    It depends on a fight match bet. Currently, the default bet is equal to 100 satoshi (0.000001 Bitcoin). This is an amount that player can win or loose every game. The number of games are not limited. Also, in our future plans there is an implementation of a progressive bet system.


  • How to make a withdrawal?
    To make a withdrawal, just enter the game at and click a button "CASHOUT" at the top of view and fill a simple form, including an amount and your bitcoin address. Withdrawals are guaranteed to be made within the next 48 hours.
  • How long it takes to process a withdrawal?
    Withdrawals requests that submit are guaranteed to be processed within the next 48 hours. The network processing (confirmation) can take some extra time depending on its current load.
  • What are withdrawal limits?
    The minimum is 50000 satoshi (0.0005 BTC). There is no withdrawal fee.
  • Can I withdraw using my Credit Card, PayPal, etc?
    The withdrawals could be made to the bitcoin addresses only. We also plan to extend this list with other cryptocurrencies.
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